Get Your Moving Boxes Tulsa!

Make Moving Easier + FREE Moving Box Delivery!

Smart MOVING Box™ is a local Tulsa business that delivers plastic moving totes right to your door and picks them up after your move. We are Tulsa’s simple moving solution! Let us make your move a less stressful one today.

  • FREE DELIVERY to the Greater Tulsa area!
  • Better Value Than Cardboard!
  • No packing tape, assembly, or break down required!
  • Free box labels to help keep your move organized!
  • Pack & Move 50% Faster!
  • Protect Your Stuff with our Sturdy Plastic Containers!
  • Every tote is cleaned and disinfected between rentals!
  • Simple order process. Rent your’s today!

Why Tulsa rents our totes?

The low prices and free delivery make our service too good to refuse! Our customers appreciate how we reduced the stress and hassle of their move. They always tell us how our totes really made their packing quicker and easier!

In addition to our convenient service, our totes have ergonomic handles for safer lifting and protects your stuff better than cardboard boxes.  Why go insane triple taping cardboard boxes? Just pop the lid on our easy-to-pack totes and your done! So give us a call and rent some moving totes, Tulsa!

Another big reason for renting our boxes is they are reusable. There are many efficient ways to reuse our earthly resources and plastic totes is a big one. Using our eco-friendly totes reduces the amount of cardboard that ends up in our landfills and reduces the unnecessary consumption of trees.