Hello, my name is Rick, owner and operator of Smart MOVING Box™. We are a local family owned company here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A quick rundown about myself and my wonderful family would be that we enjoy watching the kids be goofy, love to shoot hoops in the driveway and eat at Los Cabos on any good occasion we can think of! We have a passion for remodeling houses and a decent eye for good design as being a graphic designer is my main occupation.

The idea for Smart MOVING Box™ came one day when I was rounding up moving boxes from friends. I thought to myself that it would be convenient and a lot less stressful to rent moving boxes. So I told  my wife the idea and we started planning Smart MOVING Box™ and here we are today providing a service that makes moving less stressful for people of the greater Tulsa area!

Being a small business, we truly appreciate every order we take and will serve you our customer the best we can to make your moving experience a little easier.

We welcome your feedback on how we can provide the best service possible.

Best regards,


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