Appearance of Clean

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Lego Table diy from old side table.Not everyone can keep a house super organized and clean. If you can, then good for you, but for the rest of us (with more than 1 kid) our goal is to pull off the appearance of clean.

If you’re like me the biggest issue isn’t the grown up stuff, it’s the kids mess. Now that Christmas is past I bet the toys are scattered everywhere at your house. This can make showing your home to potential buyers even more difficult. Then when you get a last second call that someone want to view your house, you have to turn into super-maid to get the house presentable. Then after all that hustle the mess comes back out.

You can’t throw away all the toys, but some toys don’t have great value and you can trash them. We all have countless Happy Meal toys spread around the house, yard, and minivan that we can discard. Then there are the toys that they don’t play with but has sentimental value. That’s your call. I like to keep that kind of stuff in a box of its own where the kids can’t get to it till after the move.

But what about books, Legos, Ninja Turtles, GI Joes, Army-Men, Barbies and My Little Ponies scattered abroad? It may be worth your while to invest in some storage boxes or wooden chests that add character to their room and makes for a quick place to throw everything into when the last minute call to show your house happens. Also consider bins or play tables with storage areas underneath them.

Remember, it’s all about the “Appearance of Clean”. Below is a link to some pictures of great storage ideas for your kids rooms.

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Pinterest Images of Kids Toy Storage Ideas