De-cluttering Your Tulsa Home

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Making your house look spotless and de-cluttered should be one of the first steps before you take pictures and put your Tulsa home on the market.

Over the years our homes can become a big storage facility for oddball stuff we like to collect. Maybe you like to hit the awesome Tulsa garage sales every weekend. You then come home with a little bit extra junk to store somewhere in your living room, bedrooms, or kitchens each week. I know from experience that much of the stuff we get at sales or on clearance we hardly use. In fact we many times end up giving them away later.

Stage your home before you list it!

Then there’s the furniture we collect. It’s nice to have a well furnished house but if all the furnishings don’t complement each other then it can be an eye sore. Perhaps selling a chair or some old shelves may be what’s in order.
Putting stuff on Tulsa’s craigslist is a great way to make some money and get rid of clutter. Or you can give it to the Goodwill and get a donation receipt to write off on your taxes.

The whole point is to make your space seem bigger and cleaner by eliminating pieces that take up space and don’t add to the overall decor of that space. A good place to get ideas on what a good staged house should look like is from HGTV. Check out these Home staging tips and visual ideas to make your house more appealing so it sells fast.

But what if your home is beyond repair. Perhaps the repairs are just too much money. Or maybe because of a job transfer you have to sell your house fast. Maybe you inherited a Tulsa property and don’t have the money to fix it up. If you find yourself in this scenario then it may be best just to sell your Tulsa house as-is to a local Tulsa real estate company or investor. It has saved many sleepless nights to sell a house this way.

I hope these ideas and options have been helpful and can get you started on your decision to de-clutter a home or just sell it fast as-is.