Moving all you stuff is a pain in the rear. You have so many duck to get in a row and then you realize you need moving boxes and a lot of them. If you get them from the moving company you will pay big bucks. So where do you find free cardboard boxes in Tulsa? So here are your top options.

#1 choice is renting boxes from Smart Moving Box. You can’t beat the convenience and time you will save from using our service. But we do understand some people are on an extremely tight budget and cant afford to rent or buy boxes. So here are some other solutions for finding cardboard boxes in Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby and the rest of this area.

One option for free moving boxes in Tulsa area is office buildings. Usually they use a crazy amount of paper. Paper boxes are a decent size. Not as nice as a Smart Moving Box but still decent. Plus they generally use plently of glue on paper boxes so they should hold up okay.

Business and office supply stores also go through a lot of paper boxes because they generally run printing services. So these locations could be a jackpot if you hit them at the right time.

Medical supply stores have very delicate devices and tools so they usually have wonderfully made boxes. They often are smaller in size but durable non the less. These would be great for glasses, plates or your fine china.

Liquor stores get tons of wine and alcohol shipped in boxes. These boxes need to be sturdy in order to prevent bottles from breaking. Again, these boxes are not generally huge but still a nice medium size.

If you want big boxes then go to an appliance store. Microwave boxes are big and strong. They may not have many, so call ahead.

The biggest hassle with finding boxes in Tulsa is that you could spend your entire day calling ahead and scrapping together enough boxes to get you through you move. That’s why once a customer uses Smart Moving Box they never turn back. The convenience and ease of packing with our totes is so worth the small investment to save your sanity

Go ahead and begin your LESS STRESSFUL move today and reserve your totes online. Get Started!