Tulsa Moving Season Coming to a Close

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Some of you may be disappointed if your not in the dream home you wished you’d be in by now. This is assuming you tried to sell your house this summer and had no luck. School is starting back up and everyone is getting back into their regular routines. But don’t get to comfy. You have a house to sell!

Keep in mind you have all fall and winter to get your house up to speed. There may be some fast solutions to help your home be someones desire next time you go to sell. So don’t lose hope,¬†you will get a second chance in the spring to redeem yourself. In the next several blogs we will focus on the details that are easy to miss. Our goal is to help Tulsans get motivated to do the little things that will help their houses sell. You’d be surprised what you can do on a modest budget! Tulsa winters are usually not too harsh, so you can get a lot done around the house, even some exterior work.

Look forward to future posts on house selling tips, moving box deals and fun info of events going on in the local Tulsa area.